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Concerning CH Control Manager in Windows 10 and comments made on another forum

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I have been made aware of a post on the IL-2 forums here titled 'Users Of CH Products Gear With Control Manager Software - BE ADVISED! where a member has made a number of statements after apparently talking to someone within CH Products tech support team. Unfortunately I cannot address those points directly as I am still banned from that forum for telling another user that his use of a smiley was "silly" - apparently this was "aggressive" of me. However the points stated were:

  • Bob Church, the developer of the software, has retired.
  • CH is aware that the software, the last version of which was updated in 2011, no longer functions under Windows 10.
  • CH has not reached out to Microsoft for assistance in resolving the problem with the software, hence Microsoft will never know that they broke it. John, on the other hand, seemed to think it possible that Microsoft could release another set of patches to Windows 10 that just might happen to fix the problem, as randomly as it was broken. As a 40+ year Microsoft developer myself, I told John that it is up to CH to contact Microsoft and work with them to resolve the issue; it is not possible for Microsoft to fix a problem with the operating system that they are unaware of, and delusional to expect them to do so.
  • CH has not mounted a search for a developer to pick up the maintenance of the Control Manager Software.

On the first point Bob as far as I am aware is enjoying his much deserved retirement, I've not spoken to Bob for some time. That said on the second point there are many users who are using the CH Control Manager software in Windows 10 without any apparent issues however CH is aware of some users experiencing issues. On point three CH has reached out in the past to Microsoft and still continue to do so, you may remember the issues many hardware manufacturers had with Windows Vista and how CH was one of the first of the joystick hardware manufacturers to get their software working in Vista. CH has not abandoned support for the Control Manager software and are indeed currently looking into solutions to help those experiencing problems but unfortunately do not have a timetable for this work to be completed. The response above is from a direct conversation with Debby at CH where I relayed the frustrations some users are having. I know its probably not the complete answer you wanted but I will try to keep the members of this forum updated as and when I have any news to share.

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I'm most grateful for the heads-up, I've been suffering the last few days thinking this was "just me" as I'd recently deep-sixed archived files (for reversion to Win7) from my hard-drive, having elected to stay with Win 10. The fault apparently dated from that instant, although, it might equally have been from the Windows patch. After multiple de-installations of CHManager, multiple reinstallations, re-programming my sticks ad nauseam, it's something of a "relief" to hear this is a problem experienced by others.

I am (self-evidently) very keen indeed to hear from CH Pro as to when CHManager will be patched, or, a suitable alternative coded, or whatever Microsoft screwed-up is fixed.



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an alternative should be : vjoy and Gremlin. Vjoy create a virtual joystick (as CH manager or TARGET) and Gremlin alloow to remap the commands. The good part is that solution can mix equipments (joystick CH and throttle Thrusmaster).

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